Month of Issue


Custom Tips with Brian Fairchild - Top Chops Part one October 1971
Custom Tips with Brian Fairchild - Top Chops Part two November 1971
Custom Tips with Brian Fairchild - Top Chops Part three December 1971
Custom Tips with Brian Fairchild January 1972
Custom Tips - Rolled pans March 1972
Handy Hints - lickin' the brown stuff (Rust Prevention) April 1972
Front Vs. Rear, Dragster dual with engines October 1972
Upholstering T-buckets July 1973
A Simple How-to for easier rod mock up October 1973
Screen & frames for T-buckets November 1973
Rag tops for T-buckets December 1973
Phase two - Track front February 1974
Chop it, top chopping how to August 1974
Half Streamlining just as efficient? September 1974
The formula 'T' Streeter for old boy-racers October 1974
Pattern making for alloy interiors December 1975
Tin Bending - the only difference between amateur and pro February 1976
Trailering - How to March 1976
Basis of Arc Welding March 1976
Survey on mudguards June 1977
Trick Pickup Kit: Foreign and F100 mix October 1977
Pre war Ford chassis tips August 1981
Tinted glass February 1982
32 Ford body mounting September 1983
K-bracing for early Ford chassis October 1983
Correct top chopping October 1983
SB Ford in 48 Ford frame no butchery February 1985
34 Ford fibre coupe installation January 1986
Rod building ideas April 1986
Secrets of powder coating September 1989
Custom independent front ends September 1991
Flooring made easy October 1991



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