View Full Version : "Mourning T", early 60's Christchurch, fully fendered T Bucket,

Mike Kaye
03-18-2014, 08:46 PM
Does anybody remember "Mourning T" an early 60's Christchurch fully fendered T Bucket. I saw it many times parked outside Christchurch Technical Collage on Moorhouse Ave near Barbados St. It was Flathead powered with 3 Stromberg 97's that had International Harvester air filters & a very long gearstick which I think had a shrunken head gearknob & a shortened deck. I would love to see a photo if you have one.

03-19-2014, 07:16 AM
There was an article on this bucket in a recent mag. You should be able to get a back issue.
Funny thing a couple of weeks ago a guy lent me some photos of hot rods taken in Nelson back in the early 60's and this bucket was among them. Seems he was here on holiday over Xmas. I have had the photos reprinted and will scan and post them
but have just installed a new computer so it may be a couple of days.
I am sure that this is the bucket that I saw one friday night in the Square while on holiday, must have been '63 or so. Also saw a fenderless 34 four door in a car sales.