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Approved C-Notch examples?
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    Default Approved C-Notch examples?


    My Project has changed a little since my last post (different truck for a start! this one is much nicer starting point)

    I'm about to start on a 4 bar and C-notch for the rear of my 72' C10. I wont weld it myself as I'm not good enough, Truck is currently in Atlanta so will get a friend who has a hotrod shop in Atlanta to do it. I want him to do it there as I know he does really great work.

    I know certifiers in NZ can be a bit fussy (with good reason) on Notches so was hoping that someone here had an example of the right way to do it and hopefully have less hassle at time of cert... when I return to NZ.

    Does anyone have any pictures or links to the correct/approved way to do it?


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    from my experience , first thing you have to do is grossly over engineer it. Pieces from the Golden gate bridge welded on the side would be a good start.

    Seriously . . use steel , the same or thicker than what the chassis made of, "box" the chassis rails both sides , as far forward and back as practically possible , and have it welded nicely. A cross-member or 2 would make it look like you knew what you were doing.

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    OK thanks man...

    After your comments I'm actually now considering just tacking it in place and not chopping the rails until an inspector in NZ has told me exactly how he wants it.

    I know every chassis model is different, but you think they could have some basic guidelines, C-notching is a pretty common practise.

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