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This letter was sent to NZHRA & Member Clubs

From: Andy Ferrier-Kerr, NZHRA member
Subject: Productivity Commission; Low emissions economy Report


The Productivity Commission has produced a report to government discussing what changes to NZ businesses/ economy are required to meet emissions targets by 2030 and 2050.

Attached FYI is the submission made by SIVANZ.

Across all industry sections 268 submissions were made on the report. Only 2 specifically represented special interest vehicle owners; SIVANZ and the FoMCís.(Federation of Motoring Club's)

I note that NZHRA did not make a submission and initially I thought that you would have piggy backed on your FoMC membership. It transpires that NZHRA is not currently a member.

This means NZHRA has failed to represent 3,500 hot rodders; they currently have no formal voice. Note; some clubs do have direct membership to the FoMCís so they have been represented through their submission.

The Low emissions economy report and ongoing discussions are the most significant threat to how we own and operate our SIVís in NZ since hot rodding began. I suggested publicly that this type of challenge was coming at us in August 2016.

I urge you to engage actively in the discussion for the sake of (circa) 3,500 hot rodders. As an NZHRA member I would have liked NZHRA to have made an independent submission on the report to demonstrate to government officials that we are an organised, competent organisation and are prepared to stand up for ourselves. While the FoMCís executive are very well organised, I suggest this is not the time for NZHRA to remain an ďin the back groundĒ member club.

Please donít think this is an affront to NZHRA; It isnít. Every national special interest vehicle organisation needs each other to stand up, have a voice and be counted. SIVANZ stood up; we need NZHRA to do the same.



Andrew Ferrier-Kerr

E: contact@sivanz.co.nz
W: www.sivanz.co.nz
PO Box: 24215
Abels, Hamilton, 3253

The language used by politicians, some lobby groups and benefitting businesses is rapidly changing around the topic of climate change, electric vehicles, emissions and the life span of fossil fuels.