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FORUM RULES - Please Read
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    Default FORUM RULES - Please Read

    1) If you have a problem with another member of this forum...

    Take it up with them directly. NOT here. NO exceptions.

    2) This forum isn’t compulsory!

    Everyone is welcome to be here and welcome to leave (quietly)

    3) This forum is bigger than any ONE person, or GROUPS of people.

    4) Inappropriate posts can be referred to me via PM.

    5) Please keep sig files and links in posts appropriate and RESPECT THE BUSINESS INTERESTS of NZ HotRod Magazine

    Posts going against these rules will simply be deleted.
    No matter who it concerns or what it's about.

    Same rules as used on the the HAMB by those good folks apply here too:

    "Smart Assing", "Ball Busting", and straight up whining will not be tolerated. We'll delete it. If we delete it a lot, you'll be banned.

    Feeling lippy? Want to take it out on a Moderator or ADMIN? Well DON'T. We volunteer to do this and we won't take any lip. This place is free, the rules are the rules and you can either play by them or hit the pike. Send any of us a smart ass PM or make a smart ass post and you're gone.

    We hope that you have a great time here.
    Let's continue that tradition please.

    NB: All IP addresses are recorded so multiple accounts are pointless. We know who you are
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