Dedicated to the hot rod niche

NZ Hot Rod magazine stands out as the preferred choice of print magazines for those dedicated to the hot rod niche.

Its intrinsic value is appreciated by readers, many of whom retain collections right back to our number one issue in 1967 and it’s that longtime readership and engagement which has resulted in a deep and stable database.

Advertisers in NZ Hot Rod magazine are primarily established suppliers in the hot rod and high-performance industry who are looking to maximise their advertising reach and budget with our wide distribution and very affordable rates.

It’s the only Kiwi hot rod magazine with nationwide and worldwide distribution both in print and digital versions which accounts for readership across print and digital platforms approaching 40,000 per issue.

Instant communication and direct feedback from readers is made possible by a substantial presence on social Media with 7000 organic followers on Facebook and Instagram platforms.

Our advertising mix (page count) is kept low to 25% of total pages to give readers a better reading experience.

That means it is not top-heavy with ads. Our advertising rates are surprisingly affordable thanks to our low overheads, and they are based on a simple marketing philosophy: Most hot rod businesses are SMEs (small-to-medium enterprises and cottage-type industries) which don’t have large marketing budgets.

We’d rather assist them in building their brands by building awareness through frequency. That frequency will be built on available budget, so our advertising rates reflect the thinking that “we’d rather you advertise often as opposed to just once” because of high insertion rates.

This is the way our advertisers get real value from advertising in this magazine and become return customers.

To book your space call or email one of our advertising specialists.

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